State 8: Indiana | Clarksville

This post will be pretty short since I did not spend too much time in Indiana. We took a quick trip over the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky to Clarksville, Indiana. 

I did some research ahead of my Louisville trip because I knew I was going to be so close to another new state – Indiana. My rule of counting a new state visit is if you get out and do at least one thing that is memorable, then it counts. So that is what I did.

There was a cool fossil park just a few miles away called Falls of the Ohio State Park. It is the largest exposed Devonian fossil bed in the world! We had a cab drive us over and then took to walking through and exploring the park. You could gaze at the small falls, walk down some rocks toward the water and get up close with hundreds of fossils. This is the first time I had been in a fossil park with so many all in one place. Some fossils were pretty large and you could really see exactly what the shell looked like with all its patterns and intricacies. 

The park had historical significance as well. There was a Louis and Clark statue that commemorated the handshake that began the Louis and Clark Expedition.

If you are ever near Louisville or Clarksville, I recommend stopping over at Falls of the Ohio State Park. It’s a great way to spend part of a day and unlike anywhere else I had been before.


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